Our mission

Depi community is committed to creating a depin project aggregator that provides information on the cutting edge of the DePIN track

About Depi

As the leading BRC20 Token in the DePIN track, Depi has built a community resource hub for DePIN enthusiasts, where the Depi community firmly believes that the DePIN track in Web3 is the most likely to create economic value in the future. The Depi community will collaborate with high-quality projects globally, not only bringing the latest news and updates from the DePIN track to our members but also offering various benefits.

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Why join depi?

Global Collaboration

The Depi community's commitment to linking with top-tier projects around the world means members have the unique opportunity to engage with global innovations and practices in the DePIN and Web3.0 realms.

Joining the Depi community offers a unique and valuable opportunity for enthusiasts and participants in the DePIN track

Airdrop and Wealth Codes

The community collaborates with projects both domestically and internationally to bring exclusive airdrops and wealth codes to members. This not only enhances the value of being part of the Depi community but also provides tangible benefits and opportunities for financial growth.

Resources and Networking

By joining the Depi community, members gain access to a rich resource hub designed to foster collaboration, learning, and networking. This is a perfect environment for both seasoned DePIN enthusiasts and newcomers to the field to exchange ideas and grow together.

Exclusive Updates and Insights

Members of the Depi community receive the latest news and updates from the DePIN track, ensuring they stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the space.

Our Vision



Aggregating Global DePIN Enthusiasts

In this initial phase, the Depi community aims to lead and pioneer in the DePIN sector by promoting DePIN and attracting enthusiasts worldwide through seminars, conferences, and active engagement on social media and forums. These efforts are intended to enhance knowledge and foster collaboration within the community, enriching the DePIN track.

Identifying Top Seed Projects

Depi will actively support promising DePIN projects, providing resources to help them move from concept to market. The focus is on creating vertical communities within the DePIN track, facilitating deep industry engagement and enabling members to directly participate in DePIN projects, thereby unlocking real economic benefits.

Incubating DePIN Projects

After establishing a foundational community and ecosystem, Depi will create a community fund to incubate and accelerate DePIN projects. This fund will support projects financially and provide strategic, market, and technical assistance to enhance their growth and market entry, aiming to invigorate the DePIN and wider Web3.0 sectors.


Depi aims to not only set benchmarks in the DePIN track through these phases but also to prove that Web3.0 is a fertile field for innovation and economic gains. By sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities, Depi is dedicated to promoting the sustained growth and success of the DePIN and Web3.0 ecosystems.